25 thoughts on “Mick Foley on Soccer AM (25th Feb 2012)”

  1. You obviously don’t get my reference either
    “The title is a spoof of the many “Foley is God” signs that appear at WWE shows whenever Foley appears or is rumored to appear. Foley explained that he is uncomfortable being compared to God, and would rather fans simply say he is “good”. In the late 90’s the then WWF came out with t-shirts for Foley that said “Foley is God.”, later the Federation balked and changed the shirt to say “Foley is Good.”

  2. The guy who dressed up like mankind should have squeled like he used to in his first year in the wwf.

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  4. Bit of a harsh clip they showed of him considering all the fucking battles this guy had been in. Fuck soccer am. Foley is god

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