24 thoughts on “Soccer Saturday – Funniest moments (07-08)”

  1. I like the fact that the beavers moment was referenced recently on 8 out of 10 cats, all these years on.

  2. It rhymes better for the show but no one really cares, ithink it’s just the way Americans say it, they sound a little camp 😛 Just the accent i guess!

  3. Can someone explain to me why a british tv show for british people call their show “soccer Saturday” i thought that was blasphemous over there?

  4. 1.46 makes me laugh every damn time, it should be in Chris Kamara’s contract that he says Papa Bouba Diop in every game whether he’s playing or not

  5. Soccer Saturday is awesome. I loved the moment Kammy completely missed a Pompey player getting sent off. I’m a Pompey fan and was watching at the time and I’ve got to say, that is the best way of softening the blow of finding out one of you players has been sent off I’ve ever seen. It was so funny.

  6. – oh dear. It’s pretty obvious that the one which fell out was a cap, or false tooth, replacing one which had been lost due to a sporting collision. Jeff’s teeth look OK, as do Kammy’s. Still, I expect you’re incredibly obese, if we’re talking stereotypes!

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