25 thoughts on “The Worst Banter of All Time”

  1. “Well maybe you should go also Jeff, because you couldn’t see driving home
    the other night, because you don’t even wear your glasses on TV because you
    get slagged off, so you just stick to specsavers and I’ll do the game…”

  2. Charlie’s a bit of a bozo with the put-down attempt eh? I could actually
    feel his anger at getting, in HIS mind, disrespected. The guys patter has
    always been shite. you should check out Jonathon Watson ripping the pish
    out of him on Youtube…..funny stuff. “Oh aye Chic, I agree, Walter has
    been the very shiny guiding light of the Rangers’s fundaments.” Stuff like
    that. Charlie is a very, VERY fortunate guy because he has no discernible
    talent. In his defence, at least he is not living in a cardboard box and
    drinking melted down shoe polish. 

  3. Champagne Charlies attitude in that clip was ridiculous. Maybe he was
    getting angry as he’s not the sharpest bulb in the knife drawer. Why else
    would he get angry about a bit of a ribbing? As the comment below points
    out he should be lucky to be doing the job he is in as anybody can observe
    what is going on in a game of football. And his choice of words is a joke
    at times. Jeff is WAY more articulate and professional and I think with the
    way he takes Charlies reaction shows he’s the bigger man.

  4. I was going to rage at you for just writing what was said, but you’re
    right. somehow it’s more hilarious written down.

  5. your probably a bully victim with that gimpy name…..why you on this page

  6. thats well out of order mate theirs good people every where in the world
    and dick heads id class you in the latter

  7. LOL has to be American only a yank has an IQ low enough to write a bunch of
    crap like that and think hes being philosophical,I actually pity you, what
    a fucking retard.

  8. yep leave it to you english cunts to start couldn’t just sit there and have
    a laugh nope you people just have to be the classic egotistical
    selfcentered knobs of the world and that’s why everyone hates your shitty
    country that’s full of foreigners well done protecting that soilder by the
    way on your home soil from a couple of dirty muslims you guys are just
    amazing fucking idiots

  9. you took all this from a bit of awkwardly attempted banter on a
    light-hearted live football coverage programme? I pity your puny little mind

  10. All this talk of patriotism and I’m just sitting here like

  11. Dont you think Charlie get’s more and more attractive by the day dam what a
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