Ferdinand Denies QPR Transfer

The rumours have been going around that Rio Ferdinand would be at Queens Park Rangers this summer, but, the player himself refused to admit that in one of his columns for a daily.

In that column which got published yesterday, Ferdinand repeated that he would definitely be joining a new team, but, he wrote that he had no idea which team it’s going to be.

Ferdinand’s contract with Manchester United ended at the end of the last season and the Red Devils didn’t give him contract extension as expected. So, the veteran defender is a free agent at this point of time.

The reports had come through that he had reached an agreement with the Rangers and thus, he would be at the Loftus Road Stadium during the upcoming English season, but, Ferdinand never officially commented on that.

Now, through one of his columns, the Englishmen who can be considered as a Manchester United legend after having played for them for so many years has made it clear that his future is uncertain.

Ferdinand wrote, “I have been in touch with quite a few clubs, both in England as well as away, but, things are far from being certain at this point of time. May be in near future, I would be in a position to tell you guys more, but, for the time being, I am just looking to do as well as I can as a pundit in the BBC studio.”

Ferdinand has been in Brazil since the last couple of weeks giving his expert opinions on the World Cup matches. He has been very straightforward in his opinions unlike some of the other experts and that’s why, he is being liked by a lot of people in this new role.