25 thoughts on “Kieran Gibbs red card mistake – Soccer Saturday reaction”

  1. Jeff Stelling and Alan McInally react to a bizarre red card for Kieran
    Gibbs against Chelsea.

  2. If you were Gibbs? Wouldn’t you just refuse to leave the pitch?! There is
    no retrospective action the FA could take.

  3. its a yellow card because its going wide.referee dumbo not listening to

  4. An outfield player doing that, whether it’s going towards goal or not, is
    fucking shit!! Straight red for sure, if only the referee could get the
    right man!

  5. Must admit, Chamberlain was a better GK than Szczesny despite being booked.

  6. the FA needs to take action an right the red card. Then figure out why it
    was given to the wrong person and take appropriate action if need be
    against the referee

  7. It is a red card offense since it’s a deliberate handball. What a pisser!
    Chamberlain should have been sent off. 

  8. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: It was me. Not Gibbs.
    Andre Marriner: Shut up Walcott

  9. I think it was a red card no question about that. Ok, the ball probably
    went outside of the post, but Ox really couldn’t see that, he intentionally
    punched the ball out (trying to save the goal) and that means straight red.
    When a player tries to punch an opponent, but miss, it’s still a red card
    and It doesn’t matter if he hit him, or not. But the case of giving the
    card to wrong player is different story, Marriner really cocked that up.

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