25 thoughts on “Jeff Stelling (Soccer Saturday) – Middlesbrough”

  1. Londoners are a funny lot they don’t see London like the rest of us do. My eldest lives in Plumstead, what a hole! On the way there you drive through one retail park and industrial estate after another littered with old washing machines etc. Then you drive past the posh flats and city airport , cross on the Woolwich ferry and you’re back in downtown Bagdad again. Trouble is Londoners and those in the southeast have such a poor quality of life ie long commutes high rents they have to talk us down

  2. Nice one Jeff, “and it’s Middlesbrough, Middlesbrough F.C where the finest team in football the world has ever seen!” ha ha

  3. I love Stelling and I love his rant, but a lot of its a shithole to look at, no getting away from it…ok when you get out to the Cleveland Hills and North York Moors, Yarm and Guisborough and even some suburbs like Marton are nice, but overshadowed by places like Grangetown and Southbank and the massive industrial plants at Wilton, Teesport, Seal Sands etc.

  4. You don’t see Middlesbrough rioting do you I live in Redcar just below Middlesbrough and I can tell you it is a fine place to live just because it docent look the very best I’m sure there are far worse places to live than boro and I have walked across sydney harbour bridge incredible it was built by people were I come from.

  5. go on jeff , do the boro proud ! we may not be the best place to live but are we fuck the worst . tbh ive lived here my whole life and there is no were on earth id rather be

  6. The people making that survey have obviously never been to Luton, it’s a cross between bosnia and Baghdad! Unbelievable Jeff!

  7. he is true you get fucking places like london and manchester and liverpool with gun crimes everyday but in middlesbrough about once evey year if that

  8. I said the place looks run down not the Nuclear plant. But as I said Middlesbrough might be a nice place, just the parts I saw weren’t nice.

  9. All the nuclear plants…. the 1, it is by no means run down at all. You probably drove through the “over the border” part of Middlesbrough.

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