12 thoughts on “Gillette Soccer Saturday panel discuss the scandalous Milijas decision”

  1. premier league is obvs rigged, said it for years even when we were unbeaten. chelsea, tottenham and man united were all cheating and buying refs. now look at man city ffs. if the league aint gonna give every1 a fair chance then just relegate all the small teams

  2. The FA are a fucking disgrace. You turn down a appeal for Wolves, however for chelsea and Man city you would give them their appeal.
    You wanky FA

  3. Well, I’m a ref, and whilst I don’t agree with the red card, it’s definitely a foul. The Laws of the Game 2011-12 state that a ‘careless challenge’ is a foul, and a ‘reckless challenge’ is a yellow card. Definitely a foul, and I would personally have had a strong word with him or booked him, depending on the temperature of the game.

  4. Attwell isn’t a bad ref because he’s young, he’s a bad ref because he’s shit and gives the most ridiculous decisions week in week out.

  5. anyone who thinks thats even a foul should never ever be allowed to watch football again. im a wolves fan yes however, Kompany’s wasnt a foul against man united and glen johnsons wasnt a foul last night either even though people are saying it is but theyre stupid bastards. Lampard’s was bad yeah but more mistimed than trying to cause any injury,from a WOLVES fan. If you win the ball first and then you dont try and purposefully break the players legs in the follow through ITS NOT A FUCKING FOUL!

  6. I agree with (Jimmy) and the apeal was turned down by the FA (Joke), lets see if Kompany gets away with his one against Utd, if he does, i think Mick McCarthy will do his tank…..

  7. You’re a poor troll mate, it was an awful decision. Football’s getting worse by the week.

  8. Well its obviuosly a red card because the studs and two-footed tackle.
    Alsdo Hunt should have gone for a blatant push on poor Van Persie

    Dirt Dirty Wolves!!

  9. “If it was Chelsea they’d get away with it” Yeah they did today with Frank Lampard AGAINST Wolves! What a load of shit.

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