The career of Rio Ferdinand is reaching a new low as the English defender has not managed to settle in and properly adapt to life outside of Manchester United after he left Old Trafford and joined Queens Park Rangers.

Rio Ferdinand was suspended for 3 Premier League matches due to a twitter message that he sent to a twitter user.

After the Twitter user sent the message “Maybe QPR will sign a good CB they need one”, Ferdinand replied by saying “get ya mum in, plays the field well son! #sket”

The word ‘’sket’’ refers to a promiscuous girl or woman and this was the main reason on why Rio Ferdinand was suspended for 3 Premier League matches as well as also having to pay a fine of £25,000.  The Football Association (FA) was the governing body and authority that suspended Rio Ferdinand as the football authority stated that a soccer figure such as Rio Ferdinand is an experienced twitter user who has over 5 million followers and he is viewed as a role model for many people and the ‘’sket’’ message that the English defender delivered isn’t the proper way to respond for someone who is a role for many people around the world and FA decided to sanction Ferdinand.

The manager of Queens Park Rangers, Harry Redknapp has admitted that his team has been performing better without having Rio Ferdinand in the squad.

‘’It’s been difficult. He’s come from a team used to winning every week and everything to a team out of the championship and has found it more difficult.  So it’s a more difficult period. Maybe he wasn’t getting an awful lot of protection in the early games either. I think we’ve looked more solid recently but no, I’ve got no problems with Rio’’ Harry Redknapp told reporters.

This is not the way that the experienced defender wanted to spend the last few seasons of his career as he went through from being one of the best players in his position during his time at Old Trafford to being on the sidelines of a club that is located on the bottom relegation zone of the Premier League and his own manager is saying that the team has been performing better without him.