Newcastle And Waratahs Game Discontinued

The scheduled game between Newcastle and Waratahs has been withdrawn as the latter team does not have adequate number of players. This team, run by Wallaby great players like John Hipwell and Cyril Burke, is a famous club that has been busy with several games. The season had been going well for them, but the last game played in Buenos Aires was a loss for them and that could be a reason that many of the players were not available for the upcoming match with Newcastle.

The decision to call off the game had to be taken by the president of the Rugby Union, Greg Taylor. He stated that it had been a difficult decision for him to take which brought an end a trend that the premier powerhouse club of the region has been seeing for 77 years. The Waratahs had been in the premiers in the year 2013 and were grand finalists in the year 2014. However, they found themselves with not enough players to have three teams on the field which is a requirement of the Premier Rigby this season. The team can be part of the second division as bring in a team as social fourths as well as introduce a woman’s outfit.
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The career of Rio Ferdinand is reaching a new low as the English defender has not managed to settle in and properly adapt to life outside of Manchester United after he left Old Trafford and joined Queens Park Rangers.

Rio Ferdinand was suspended for 3 Premier League matches due to a twitter message that he sent to a twitter user.

After the Twitter user sent the message “Maybe QPR will sign a good CB they need one”, Ferdinand replied by saying “get ya mum in, plays the field well son! #sket”

The word ‘’sket’’ refers to a promiscuous girl or woman and this was the main reason on why Rio Ferdinand was suspended for 3 Premier League matches as well as also having to pay a fine of £25,000.  The Football Association (FA) was the governing body and authority that suspended Rio Ferdinand as the football authority stated that a soccer figure such as Rio Ferdinand is an experienced twitter user who has over 5 million followers and he is viewed as a role model for many people and the ‘’sket’’ message that the English defender delivered isn’t the proper way to respond for someone who is a role for many people around the world and FA decided to sanction Ferdinand.

The manager of Queens Park Rangers, Harry Redknapp has admitted that his team has been performing better without having Rio Ferdinand in the squad.

‘’It’s been difficult. He’s come from a team used to winning every week and everything to a team out of the championship and has found it more difficult.  So it’s a more difficult period. Maybe he wasn’t getting an awful lot of protection in the early games either. I think we’ve looked more solid recently but no, I’ve got no problems with Rio’’ Harry Redknapp told reporters.

This is not the way that the experienced defender wanted to spend the last few seasons of his career as he went through from being one of the best players in his position during his time at Old Trafford to being on the sidelines of a club that is located on the bottom relegation zone of the Premier League and his own manager is saying that the team has been performing better without him.


Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand recently received a three match ban from the English FA for his comments on the social networking site.

Ferdinand, who is one of the active footballers on Twitter, recently got involved in a war of words with another user. The 35-year-old directed an obscene word at the user after he was subjected to intense criticism for his poor performances since joining QPR on a free transfer in the summer. Even though the comments were made outside football, the FA has decided to take action against the former England international.

QPR have been one of the poorest teams in the division and they could have done with the experience of the former England man for the upcoming games against Chelsea, even if for one of them he was able to go to a Wedding in Manchester instead!

However, manager Harry Redknapp will now have to do without the player over the next few weeks. This is not the first time Ferdinand has been punished by the FA for his comments on twitter. He made remarks about Ashley Cole a few years ago that appeared to be racist in nature. Redknapp, though, has praised Ferdinand by saying that he is one of the finest persons he knows. He says that the ban is unfair since it was an interaction between two individuals outside the game.

“If someone slags him off and he goes back and slags them off, it doesn’t equate. I can’t see it. We’ve not seen the FA report so we really can’t comment. We’re not sure exactly what he’s done and what the charge is and what the reasons are behind it. So until we see that, and I’ve not seen it, we’re not in a position to comment on it. I’ve not spoken to Phil [QPR’s chief executive Philip Beard], the chairman or Rio about it,” said Harry Redknapp.

RvP On Bad Form

It would not be surprising if Robin Van Persie doesn’t feature in the starting line up of Manchester United on their visit to Leicester City this weekend.

The Holland international just doesn’t deserve to be a starter with his current form. He doesn’t appear to be the same guy who had played like an absolute superstar for United in 2012-13. With 26 goals in the top tier in his very first season, he had won the Red Devils the silverware, but, of late, he has been very, very ordinary. He has struggled to say the least.

It’s not that United doesn’t have anyone in the wings who is good enough to take Van Persie’s place.  There are guys in there. Radamel Falcao, the loan signing of the club, is the one who can be a like-for-like replacement for the Dutchman.

Falcao is somebody who is in great shape at the moment. His game is peaking and he can surely make a difference for United this season. He is also the kind of player Louis Van Gaal admires; energetic, aggressive and always looking for the goal.

Van Persie is clearly not comfortable with Van Gaal’s formation at the moment. He likes to be the alone centre forward of the team playing right up front , but, the new Manchester United boss prefers two strikers together in the central position.

Since the time Van Gaal has overlooked Van Persie for United captaincy, there have been talks that the relationship of the Holland captain with his compatriot manager has soured a little bit and according to the sources, in the near future, there might be a fall out between the two as well.

Van Persie has regularly maintained in the media though that he has no hard feelings for anyone in the camp.

Ferdinand Finally Released

Rio Ferdinand spent 12 seasons playing with the Manchester United jersey where he enjoyed a remarkable career winning the Champions League and 6 Premier League as well as a number of other trophies along the way. The English defender is an icon for many supporters of the club but his time at Old Trafford has reached its end after his contract with Manchester United expired and no contract extension was offered, he was released by the English club.

QPR decided to sign the English player who turned into a free agent after being released by Manchester United. During his time performing at Old Trafford, Ferdinand became one of the top defenders of the world as he attracted the attention of clubs everywhere and the veteran has admitted that one point in time Barcelona and Real Madrid wanted to sign him.

Ferdinand said: “I spoke to Roma and also there was interested from Real Madrid and Barcelona at one time. But when I was at Manchester United and there was interest from other clubs I was winning things at Manchester United. So my head was never turned to go anywhere else. You tell someone from Manchester United or a team that’s winning things that they could go abroad and you would be hard pressed to get them to go. If Gareth Bale had been at Manchester United and winning trophies he wouldn’t have gone to Real Madrid. I was just turned on by winning. I wasn’t interested in going anywhere else.”

A 4th place spot of the past season in the Championship League allowed QPR on securing their ticket for the team of Harry Redknapp to perform once more at the top tier league in England at the Premier League which means that Rio Ferdinand will have the chance to play against some of his former teammates.

Rio Ferdinand will be reunited with his former coach Harry Redknapp as both of them have already worked together some years ago when they met in West Ham United.