The attacking duos of Liverpool, Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge have scored 16 goals so far in this season becoming one of most efficient partnerships in the Premier League although Rio Ferdinand said that they have a lot to prove.

“In this country and in football in general I think we build people up too quickly,” explained Ferdinand on BT Sport.

“That’s not to say they’re not a great partnership – they’re proven at the moment. They’re on top of their game and they’re playing very very well.  They’ve scored some great goals.

“But I think you judge partnerships over a period of time. Look at Yorke and Cole, Sheringham and Shearer.  These types of partnerships aren’t developed overnight over a course of part of a season; it’s over a period of time.  So I think it’s better to give these people time.”
The retired and former captain of England David Beckham will start a Major League Soccer Team in Miami and both Frank Lampard and Rio Ferdinand are just some of the players Beckham desires to get hold for his new team.

Rio Ferdinand is struggling with fitness problems that have left him out of the team on a number of occasions and having 35 years of age, it seems highly unlikely that he will remain for a longer amount of time with Manchester United taking into consideration the younger options they have available at their disposal.

This may be the last season in which Ferdinand plays at a top tier league like the Premier League and just like Thierry Henry and the rest of the cast that moved to MLS to play, this is a possibility that edges closer and closer.