25 thoughts on “Soccer Am -Dynamo Magic Act -Trick 2 -Chistmas 2009”

  1. >.< Can someone tell me the name of this trick? wanna try it on my family at christmas 🙂

  2. PART 2. OTHER THAN THAT THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE! I’ve seen plenty of magicians do exactly the same tricks as he does……..only better! So there is a difference……..other magicians have performed the same tricks better!

  3. The only difference between him and other magicians that do the same things as he does is HIS EXCRUCIATINGLY BORING PATTER!

  4. The card that came out on its own is a easy trick it requires loops search them I should know I’m a magician

  5. david hayes card was funny, when he pulled it out and david hayes response cracked me up ahahhahahah

  6. FAKE he puts all the cars in his back pocket so he only has 1 card left bla bla bla

  7. I bet razor ruddick takes at least half n hour to have a shite, I bet he reads the racing post while doing so and stinks the place to high heaven,

  8. invisible string??? dude, when did he have time to rig the fucking cards up with invisible string during this time?? get a fucking clue, and while you’re at it, fuck your dad’s dirty asshole

  9. Yeah the 4th one is really easy to see through from the camera angle, but I guess if you were one of the 4 hosts you wouldn’t be able to see that he’s only got one card before he smacks it.

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