18 thoughts on “Soccer Saturday – Survival Sunday 2010/2011 highlights”

  1. 2004-05 Survival Sunday was even more thrilling.. No one had gone down at that stage and the most unlikely team to stay up did – West Brom had been 20th and last going into the last day while Norwich who were 17th got smacked 6-0 by Fulham.

  2. “Birmingham confirm ALex Mcleish to remain manager” – I fucking wish it had stayed that way!

  3. honestly wigan are known as the epic survivors shouldn’t be in the prem league seem to get lucky everytime….but do luv the relagation fight gets better every year!!

  4. I do love Survival Sunday, although it was heartbreak seeing Birmingham go down. Although we won the Carling Cup, you can’t put a price on Premier League football.

    I really wanted Wolves and Wigan to go down, Blackpool were a nice addition to the Premier League which is why I wanted them to stay up as well.

    Ah well, win or lose, up the Blues. Well done to Blackburn, Wolves and Wigan for survival.

  5. All season I had to put up with comments such as “Who apart from Wolves do you think will go down”. Even though we survived by the skin of our teeth I had the last laugh.

  6. Le Tissier must be gutted wolves stayed up – he was dying for us to get relegated all season.
    We only need one goal.

  7. paul merson, what a cunt. i’m surprised he can string a sentence together let alone work on skysports

  8. wolves fans…..your side is in biiiig trouble
    disaster, disaster
    with an apologies to west ham and blackpool and birmingham fans…
    he is God!

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