Newcastle And Waratahs Game Discontinued

The scheduled game between Newcastle and Waratahs has been withdrawn as the latter team does not have adequate number of players. This team, run by Wallaby great players like John Hipwell and Cyril Burke, is a famous club that has been busy with several games. The season had been going well for them, but the last game played in Buenos Aires was a loss for them and that could be a reason that many of the players were not available for the upcoming match with Newcastle.

The decision to call off the game had to be taken by the president of the Rugby Union, Greg Taylor. He stated that it had been a difficult decision for him to take which brought an end a trend that the premier powerhouse club of the region has been seeing for 77 years. The Waratahs had been in the premiers in the year 2013 and were grand finalists in the year 2014. However, they found themselves with not enough players to have three teams on the field which is a requirement of the Premier Rigby this season. The team can be part of the second division as bring in a team as social fourths as well as introduce a woman’s outfit.
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