Manchester United’s season has seen them losing 10 times on 32 matches which is more than what they lost in the entire past season. This is almost the same squad that won the Premier League during the previous campaign.

It is not the dream debut season that David Moyes wished to have happened since his appointment as the head coach of Manchester United but they have slowly been starting to pick themselves up and bounce back from the atrocious season.

It will be a miracle if Manchester United are able to secure a Champions League spot for the upcoming season after going through such a dismal season and this has not only affected the coach and the players themselves but it is also reaching the personal life of Rio Ferdinand who recently confessed to the best soccer blog that his life outside of football has gotten significantly tougher.

“I don’t want to go out when the game has finished. I don’t want to take my kids to school and listen to things that I think I’m hearing or see people look at me in a different way because we’ve lost a game. I don’t want to go out and fill my car up with petrol or go to the shops or anything. It’s embarrassing’’.

“Ideally you want to play the next game the next night and get it out of the way so you can go out and get a win and go out with your chest out and feel more comfortable because it’s personal. You think everyone is talking about you and the result and what’s going on with the club and the form and you don’t want to live like that’’. Ferdinand revealed.

The atrocious season of Manchester United has made Rio Ferdinand’s life more complicated as he confessed about feeling disappointed and ashamed on some moments of his day to day life.