Manchester United’s season has seen them losing 10 times on 32 matches which is more than what they lost in the entire past season. This is almost the same squad that won the Premier League during the previous campaign. It is not the dream debut season that David Moyes wished to have happened since his… Continue reading


Rio Ferdinand’s latest appearance with Manchester United was during the Champions League match against Olympiakos as the team of David Moyes suffered from yet another disappointing result but this time around it wasn’t a negative outcome from the Premier League but from the Champions League. The entire Manchester United squad that played against Olympiakos was… Continue reading


Manchester United have successfully negotiated a deal that will see their in-house television channel MUTV being broadcast in Japan. Manchester United have a lot of supporters in Asia especially in Japan and China. They have decided to take advantage of the fan base by making MUTV available officially in these regions. They have signed a… Continue reading